3 enero, 2017

The Way



  • Time To Understand (Díaz)

    You have been building an empire of gold,
    Humiliating the earth, killing so much,
    Now you feel secure in the darkness
    With your face against the wall

    Every day of your life
    You buy the priest but sell your soul
    If you move into the grief direction,
    Sinking your self in the kingdom of dust

    Sometimes you think that you’ve become
    In a successful being, being far from love
    Sometimes you feel that the deepest winter
    Took your soul forever more

    I know the winter has been long
    But now it’s time to understand and to fly
    Your empire of gold is just the kingdom of dust
    Money can’t get the tickets not to die

    Now, every day of your life
    You are closer to your real home
    If you ascend into the Sun Mansion
    Raising your self from the kingdom of dust
    From this kingdom of Dust

    I know the winter has been long
    But now it’s time to understand and to fly
    Your empire of gold is just the kingdom of dust
    Money can’t get the tickets not to die

    You must strike down the wall and to fly
    Through the wonder skies and forever say goodbye
    It’s time to understand and to fly
    together into the light

  • Spring Knocks On The Door Of Men (Díaz – Peraza)

    The Tale
    A long time ago, the manuscripts of an unknown book were found. Even though some people thought that they referred to a fiction story, others yet defended the idea that they were parts of a volume coming from ancient clairvoyants that narrated the mysteries of human existence and an unbreakable bond with the powers of the universe.
    The legend goes like this…



        Act I – Spring Arrives From Her Celestial Dwelling – The Ordinance (Instrumental)

    It is told that the Mother of the world who the Ancient called Spring would descend each day on Earth from spheres beyond all imagination since the start of ages. Spring was her name because she had the single power of transforming all beings and substances of creation so as the spring awakes life and change at its pace. In her immense love, She came to the dusty dwelling of men and knocked on some of their invisible doors. Not every door was selected in every journey; although, all of them would be granted this privilege at the right moment. These visits that the Mother made were called “The Ordinance”.



        Act II – Revelation – Apotheoses At Infinitum

    Spring awoke the sleepers from their dreams with a magical touch. Other realms and dimensions would appear for them. Past shadows would not obscure their days anymore. They would behold the beautifulness beyond eyes. The awake were called Children. They wrote a book: “The Way – Apotheoses at Infinitum” in which the secrets of Spring were described as well as the path of men. Still today, Revelation is sung but just a few have ears to listen to it:

    A simple door in my skyline, now I can see
    Behind it, thousands of roads crossing by me
    Butterfly men are flying over millions light years
    Suns of the future, now battleships in the Star fields

    Ancient creatures are whispering secrets into my neon spine
    As Eternal caravan they come again and say: hi!
    Into the ring of fire a flower bed to my soul,
    And the gambling time as a child hidden into a musical box

    Now I can feel, now I can touch,
    Over this ocean of light,
    Through this wall of skies,
    So Spring knocks on the door of men

    Rainy Clouds shaped yesterday mornings of life
    Spring now brings me the peace of the saints
    Invisible void attracts whole world into its web
    Evolution’s Schedule wrote a plan for my self

    Big Picture looks for shelter into my eyes
    Just He expects that I carry his glory inside my heart
    A home beyond Earth calls me at last
    Now I’m a sailor sailing out of the future past

    Now I can see, now I can fly
    Over this ocean of light,
    Through this wall of the skies
    So Spring knocks on the door of men



        Act III – Heading For Eternity – The Last Journey (Instrumental)

    It is said that the Ancient, who were the Children that had reached spiritual profoundness, came to a moment in which they had to depart due to the call of Mother Spring. It was a travel to eternity beatitudes with no return. It is told that there was a place hidden to everyone’s eyes called “The Doorway”. The Ancient would leave from that site while their soul mates would say farewell for they must fulfill their work on Earth. In that last pilgrimage they would be taken by Mother Spring beyond all known horizons to the Cosmic Home. Chronicles state that the last image was a brilliant sparkle and later a soundless disappearance.



        Act IV – Seasons For An Alchemist – A Game Beyond Nature (Instrumental)

    Before becoming an Ancient, the Children were granted a last period on Earth. During this time they learned the art of alchemy. Their years passed by among invocations, magic and experiments, among unwanted results instantly vanished and deserts bent to gardens; in hundreds of dark thoughts mutated into torrents of light… and lost souls who found the way. So did fade the seasons of the alchemists, quickly, briefly, hazily, almost like a game; nonetheless they, with their labor, helped Mother Spring change the dense dreams of men and in this way these men earned the title of Children.



        Act V – Mother Spring – The Way

    After the times of alchemy had ended, a huge caravan of souls rose to the highest tops of a perception without explanation, and was taken to the secret sanctuary: “The Doorway”. Mother Spring showed up out of nowhere among the presence of a constellation of new Ancients, put her hand on the human heart flower and took her Children for the final journey over the promised way, beyond all limits to the Cosmic Home.

    Here are the final remaining verses, the universal music printed in light on “The Way – Apotheoses at Infinitum”, through them the Ancient offered their last singing to Mother Spring.

    She came dressed in rainbow
    Great Swan of dreams, Nebula of love
    She talked about secrets untold; Universe in her throat,
    Beyond the mist of upcoming ages,
    She sails on
    She saw the mysteries of Life
    Goddess of Dawn, Queen of Twilight
    She wove the future butterfly body of men
    In her heavenly eyes the Master Plan of Earth
    She calls; she’s the magic
    I’m her server, her ring, her path

    Plenty of time has passed since the “The Way – Apotheoses at Infinitum” was written and its stories orally told. The world has changed and many human beings do not honor Mother Spring and their dreams may be quite dark. However, right now that ignorance makes everything seem so confused and that one’s soul wanders with no direction… sit alone for an instant, close your eyes and listen carefully to the silence. Then let it enter smoothly, in a soft whisper Mother Spring is just there knocking on your door.

  • Flying To The Sun (Díaz – Peraza)

    Time has come calling us
    to take our mind for everlasting glow
    New perception gate we’re going through,
    Let behind a dark dreams cocoon

    If you’ve waiting for the omen,
    Your ride is coming

    Now, flying to the Sun, singing as one
    All who like the light of love
    Flying away like butterflies
    Over the spring looking for a new state of mind

    A Journey through our mother soul
    Into the garden where all beings are born
    We will take a ride across
    the universe going for the One

    The age has turned
    Spread your wings, it’s the moment

  • Cosmic Man (Díaz)

    I am a psyche mirror
    I’ve been looking into the stars
    I am the perpetual change
    I’ve been flowing like rivers are

    I’ve been flying through wonder skies
    and walking a mystery path
    I’ve been spelling my secret name
    just to find me in the ecstasy laugh

    Cause´ I am the Cosmic Man
    I never sleep looking into everything
    I’m breathed on everywhere
    I am out of nowhere
    I am the nowhere it self

    I am the king of time
    I’ve been sailing the illusion sea
    I am the light inside
    I’ve been searching all I could be

    I was dreamt all from above
    looking straight into the Mind Eye
    I got the endless love
    where all the creatures are alive

    Cause´ I am the Cosmic Man
    I never sleep looking into everything
    I’m breathed on everywhere
    I am out of nowhere
    I am the nowhere it self



Roberto Díaz: Acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals
Virginia Peraza: Keyboards, backing vocals
Yaroski Corredera: Bass guitar
Carlos Sosa: Lead vocal
José Manuel Govín: Drums
Guest musicians:
Javier Mauri: Percussion
Mónica Acosta: Bassoon
Yailín Martínez: Flute
Cover and Illustrations: Javier Mauri – Art Work: Virginia Peraza