Jagannath Orbit


Jagannath Orbit
© Anima Mundi 2008

1. We Are The Light (17:43)
     I – Every World, Every Home
     II – Theater Of Light
     III – From The Highest
     IV – Awake
     V – Realm Of Love
2. The Awaken Dreamer In The Soul Garden Dreams The Flower Planets (4:39)
3. Toward The Adventure (6:20)
4. There’s A Place Not Faraway (5:20)
5. Jagannath Orbit (In The Orbit Of Love) (11:46)
6. Rhythm Of The Spheres (16:31)
     I – The Dance of the Earth
     II – The Secrets of the Water
     III – The Fire and the Mind
     IV – The Song of the Air
7. Sanctuary (5:21)



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