30 December, 2016



José Manuel Govín

(Havana city, September 21st, 1969)


Drums and percussion (2008-2017)






Michel Bermúdez

(Holguín city, November 28th, 1990)


Lead vocal, guitar, keyboards and percussion (2015-2017)






 Marco Antonio Alonso

(Pinar del Río city, September 28th, 1990)


Drums and Saxophone (2015-2017)






Emmanuel Pirko-Farrath

(Pinar del Río city, January 26th, 1984)


Lead vocals, guitar and percussion (2013-2014)






Carlos Sosa Denis

(Havana city, December 25th, 1984)


Lead vocals, keyboards, guitar and percussion (2005-2013)






Anaisy Gómez

(Havana city, January 21th, 1984)


Bagpipes, clarinet, flute, tin whistle (1999-2017)