19 December, 2016

I me myself



  • The Chimney, The Wheel And The War (Díaz / Peraza)

        Act I – Lullaby

    On a lone rock in the space
    Still too childish and frightened,
    We learn how to catch the lightning and fire
    To create magic and wonder
    Uh uh uh uh…
    I still look for who I am

    Smoke for sky, iron for land,
    New shadows looking upon our realm
    Stoke in industrial dreams
    Harvest on nuclear hand
    Uh uh uh uh…
    I still look for who I am

    We play to be humans
    With machines and devices,
    Electric animals of steel
    Too blind for the eye,
    Too deaf to still hear,
    Angels of Chimney and Wheel
    And that is how we go passing through time
    Filling with toxic structures, hearts, oceans and lands



        Act II – Round And Around (Instrumental)



        Act III – Acid Skie (Instrumental)



        Act IV – Wolf Affairs

    Still I sing as a wolf
    To my faithful dogs of war
    Grapeshot speech with dangerous teeth
    Sweet madness to the world

    Long ago at the dawn
    I used to fence an old dead bone
    Time is running, brain turns human
    Along my dear nuclear bomb

    Wearing suits, smiles and friends
    I shout ‘cause fight we must
    To justify my wrath and greed
    I raise all inhuman factories

    I’ve tried to quit but I can’t
    War still is what I mean
    So let my flags and hymns
    Spread the wolves into your dreams

  • Somewhere (Díaz)



        Act I – Toccata (Instrumental)



        Act II – Where Chaos Sleeps

    ‘Cause I’m not from this world
    I’ll sing you a secret song
    I’ll lead you into my eyes
    To the moon of the free ones
    I spell a crack in the sky
    Where I escape
    To somewhere, to somewhere
    Where chaos sleeps and things are a whole

    You’ll never rest in this sphere
    Follow me to another now-here
    I will make you light and wise
    Beyond these three sides

    ’Cause I spell a crack in the mind
    Where you could escape
    To somewhere, to somewhere
    Where chaos sleeps and things are a whole
    To somewhere, to somewhere
    Into The Rabbit Hole

    No jails in flesh and bones
    No clocks, no space, no suns
    Just ourselves all and all
    Somewhere beyond the walls
    Somewhere, somewhere
    Where chaos sleeps and things are a whole

  • Flowers (Díaz)

    So long ago,
    My eyes begun
    A journey, a dream, a quest, a ride
    For further information
    My being was the sky
    No place for isolation
    No place for lies

    But armies of fortune tellers came
    To turn my path to their promised land,
    Wearing their flowers like flags in their hands
    They said the only way was under their command

    Hey you? What kind of flowers
    Do you bring to my heart?
    And you, what kind of flower, now…
    Bring me to my soul?


    What kinds of flowers bring light to my life?
    What kinds of flowers bring joy to my soul?

    If you want to bring me flowers
    To my garden of life
    Just let me be in the way I am

    Don’t push me down
    Don’t trap my mind
    Don’t speak of gods,
    Flags, borders, wars,
    Let me find my way home

  • Clockwork Heart (Díaz / Peraza)

    Time, it’s always against time
    I made myself a clockwork heart
    And now I hide my human rhyme
    Time, you are the client
    I could sell you all that is mine
    But sorry, nothing I have
    Just some borrowed clay and some dusty toys

    And with every single breath I breathe
    I build a timed life for me
    I’m no longer the same I used to be
    Now I’m a sleepwalking machine
    Farming my greatest treasure
    My deafness for Nature

    Time, are you proud of me?
    Or should I condemn myself
    Even to your wildest dreams?
    It’s true, I fear you more
    As years come

  • Train To Future (Díaz)



        Act I – Mindnight Express

    Electric thoughts inside our mind
    Create a distant stormy creature
    Drawing the upcoming human skylines
    So watch your thoughts while this train
    Is entering into the future

    Any Karma assault could rail the forever,
    Glowing Earth days, or the darkest of times
    It’s up to us to go beyond deadline station
    Vanishing all borders between death and life

    Glimpse of tomorrow in our mental skies
    Crossing like lightning at the speed of light
    Beyond human dreams, soul… still our abyss,
    Thoughts… wonderland, our name is Alice



        Act II – Bridge To The Unknown (Instrumental)



        Act III – I Was The One

    Naked, the night brings me the breeze
    Mesmerisms, she turns into memories
    Forgotten lips surround me alone
    I kiss you my eldest song

    Twilight is now far and old
    Bodies gauntly melt themselves
    Beneath our fragile world

    Love me
    Completely and faceless now
    Love me
    Completely and nameless now

    I was the one who
    Gave birth, long ago,
    To the Milky Way
    To please your love

  • Lone Rider (Díaz)

    We were dropped in a place
    Confused and crowded
    From whence we came
    To where we go

    Dark in the hall
    Blind for a while
    Nobody tells you
    No-one has the time

    It doesn’t matter
    How hard we try
    Some mysteries will
    Remain disguised…

    Ride free, facing the days
    Ride free, piercing the gates
    Ride free, where dreamers go
    Ride free, now, here and beyond

    We are the lone riders
    In nobody’s land
    Seeking horizons
    Challenged by time

    And all would seem
    Phased and bizarre,
    Our own labyrinth
    Inside our minds

    We came to this quest
    Riding the untamed
    Horses of life
    The sun and the moon
    Hanging in the sky
    With dust on the road
    And clouds in our eyes
    The wall that closes in
    Makes us confused and afraid
    But still in love… still in love with life

    Ride free, facing the days
    Ride free, storming the gates
    Ride free, where dreamers go
    Ride free, now, here and beyond
    Every day is a goodbye



Roberto Díaz: Acoustic and electric guitars, Steel guitar, sound effects and vocals
Virginia Peraza: Piano, Rhodes, Mellotron, Hammond organ, synthesizers and sound effects
Yaroski Corredera: Bass guitar
Marco Alonso: Drums, percussion and Saxophone
Michel Bermudez: Lead vocals
Guest musician: David Blanco on Trumpet
Cover, artwork and booklet by Douwe Fledderus (Blissy Design) www.blissydesign.nl