3 enero, 2017

DVD “Live in Europe”





Roberto Díaz: Guitars and vocals
Virginia Peraza: Keyboards and vocals
Yaroski Corredera: Bass and vocals
Carlos Sosa: Lead vocal, keys, recorder, percussion
José Manuel Govín: Drums
Anaisy Gómez: Special guest on Galician bagpipe
Recorded at Lakei in Helmond, The Netherlands
June 18th 2011 at Live Prog Festival
Executive Producer: Marcel Haster from Live Prog
Cameras: John Vis and Meriam Verkleij
Front of house, monitors, lights, backline: Christ Driessen & the rest of the SLG-crew
Audio Recording: Christiaan Bruin and ‘Sky Architect’
Photos: Bert Treep
Executive Producer: Job Roodenburg
Video editing: John Vis
DVD authoring: Edwin Roes at Moving View www.movingview.com
Audio mix and mastering: Virginia Peraza and Roberto Díaz
Graphic Design: Virginia Peraza